Solving Business Problems

About Us

Trans Indus Consulting Services is formed by a group of professionals who are passionate about taking up challenges and issues that matter most to the leading organizations to deliver customer focused business centric technology solutions and services.

Focused on providing consultancy in technology and strategic management areas, we serve clients across the financial, government and commercial industries.

Services include:

  • Full spectrum of consulting services in¬†information technology
  • Implementation of enterprise business solutions
  • Installation of computer networks and systems
  • Training services in the field of computer software
  • Business administration, consulting and analysis

We work closely with your organization to solve your most pressing challenges. We strive to deliver complex solutions to large and medium enterprises by adapting to proactive planning and risk mitigation strategies. We assist our clientele in embracing the change and successful technology implementation for automating their business processes. This automation of business process results in increased profitability, reduced costs and improved service efficiency.